• Traffic SlamTraffic Slam
    Use your car to smash into an intersection or buildings and cause as much damage as possible! The more damage you cause, the higher your score!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • BowlingBowling
    This is a good Bowling game with nice graphics and fun to play! Score well and you will make it on the high score list!
  • ChessChess
    This really fun chess game has excellent graphics and a quick thinking brain that plays a competitive match.
  • Comet GalaxyComet Galaxy
    Fight with the aliens as you clear your way through the Comet Galaxy! Collect power-ups to help you stay alive is this space-themed game!
  • CrapsCraps
    Come on lucky seven or eleven! You will need some practice with this version of Craps.

additional favorite games

  • Box 10 ATV 2Box 10 ATV 2
    Get to the finish line as quickly as possible without wrecking your ATV! Race over hills and slopes, jumping and crushing vehicles in your path!
  • Celebrity DartsCelebrity Darts
    Come try your luck at throwing darts at your most (un)popular celebrity!
  • Crazy MustangCrazy Mustang
    Drive the crazy mustang across all sorts of rocks, terrain, and even other cars! Collect the stars as you drive to get points!
  • Flash BowlingFlash Bowling
    It's a flash version of classic ten-pin bowling! Aim carefully, choose the proper amount and direction of spin, and aim for a strike!
  • FoosballFoosball
    Pick you team and go head-to-head against the computer in intense games of foosball! Do you have the skills to win before time runs out?