• Space DefenseSpace Defense
    Defend your space-center against asteroids and other space-ships. Purchase upgrades for your weapons and the space-center to defend it!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Retro BlasterRetro Blaster
    Make your way through the galaxy blasting enemy ships and destroying any meteors that get in your way!
  • Revenge of an Orc SlaveRevenge of an Orc Slave
    Get your revenge on the evil humans who are forcing you to be a slave! Use gold collected to upgrade your weapons and become a better fighter!
  • Snakes and Career LaddersSnakes and Career Ladders
    It's classic Snakes and Ladders, with a twist! Snakes and ladders in the corporate world with trivia questions, mini-games, and lots of fun!
  • Space BlocksSpace Blocks
    See how high you can stack the space-blocks! Each new level makes you stack them higher! Rack up points with each taller stack!

additional favorite games

  • 15 Puzzle15 Puzzle
    This is the classic number slider. Good detail and sound.
  • 1i1i
    Help 1i collect green blobs, but beware of the blue blobs, which will decrease your health!
  • 2D Golf2D Golf
    A great golf game, with a choice between a wood or a iron, you actually need some strategy for this game.
  • 30 Seconds30 Seconds
    See how fast your brain can process in this clicking frenzy! Quickly click the differently colored ring segments! How many can you click?
  • 3D Blox3D Blox
    Karl does it again, more great graphics, and awesome game play its one of his best yet!!
  • 3D Car Racing3D Car Racing
    Race around a three-dimensional track! Win races to unlock new tracks! Ready, set, go!
  • 3D Micro Wars3D Micro Wars
    Participate in the Micro Wars! Kill all enemies and build up weapons! Use awesome special moves to wipe everyone out!
  • 3D Minesweeper3D Minesweeper
    Similar to the windows game mindsweep, but in 3D!
  • 3D Motorcycle Race3D Motorcycle Race
    Race around the track! Complete three laps to get a chance to enter your name into the best times score table!
  • 4 Elements4 Elements
    Help the fairy to restore the magic to four ancient spellbooks! Play your way through several levels to remove the bonds of evil!
  • 4PM4PM
    Snatch biscuits as they rain from the sky at teatime! Stack them as high as possible as quickly as you can!
  • 6 Differences6 Differences
    Find the six differences between two pictures in several interactive puzzles!
  • 60 Seconds Dash60 Seconds Dash
    See how far you can launch the cannon in sixty seconds! Press the correct keys in order to keep the cannon flying through the air!
  • 7 Chances7 Chances
    Figure out the name of the famous Hollywood or Bollywood actor or movie in this hangman-like game! You have seven chances to make a mistake!
  • A Guinea Pig AdventureA Guinea Pig Adventure
    Guide Charlie the guinea pig through a maze of levels. Solve puzzles by collecting carrots!
  • A220 Mission 1A220 Mission 1
    A mini space shooter that will keep you entertained! Get to the other side of the moon, if you can!
    Poor AIB! Fruit just doesn't like him! Try to dodge the flying fruit as it hurls itself at you.
  • Absolute ZeroAbsolute Zero
    Fly through space rescuing astronauts and collecting health packs. Don't let your ship get destroyed by enemy ships or asteroids!
  • Ace of Spades 2Ace of Spades 2
    Play many different varieties of this variation of solitaire! Add cards in consecutive order. The longer streaks you get, the more points!
  • Add UpAdd Up
    Numbers are falling from the sky! Destroy them before they hit the floor! Destroy numbers by selecting them so that the sum is 10.
  • Adios AmoebasAdios Amoebas
    Another hit from Karl, this game is filled with tuff levels, great sounds, and awesome graphics. Watch out for the gold blobs, they shoot!
  • AdvansnakeAdvansnake
    The old snake game mixed with a new one. Stick with the classic, or try out advanced mode for something fresh, but still fun.
  • AdventureAdventure
    The original adventure game that started it all.
  • AdventurelandAdventureland
    Wander through an enchanted realm uncovering 13 lost treasures. There are wild animals and magical beings to reckon with! (Difficulty: Moderate)
  • Aerial AvengerAerial Avenger
    You're the only survivor who can blast the rebel forces out of the sky! Fly your plane while shooting down enemies!
  • Aerial MahjongAerial Mahjong
    Become a master of MahJong in the incredible aerial land!
  • AftermathAftermath
    Witness the aftermath of a woman's murder! Help her husband get his revenge on the gangsters who killed her!
  • Agent Platformer 2Agent Platformer 2
    Make this agent fly as you jetpack your way through 20 levels of intense coin collection. Think its easy, pump it up to the hard difficulty then!
  • AgytaAgyta
    Travel with Limith, a delivery-boy, on his journey to Agyta, a new planet! He must find his way through the world and deliver the package!
  • Air HostessAir Hostess
    Serve the every need and whim of customers on an airplane! Get them drinks, meals, and even hot towels! Life is hectic as an Air Hostess!
  • AirDropAirDrop
    Leap from an airplane and collect coins on your way down! Avoid hitting the walls! A faster fall gets you more points, but a slower one is safer!
  • AirborneAirborne
    Use your slingshot to knock down balloons before they cross the line! Use a variety of weapons and upgrade between levels to get more balloons!
  • Airport TycoonAirport Tycoon
    Think you have what it takes to run an airport? Find out! Buy destinations, improve food quality, even pay to fix the runways!
  • Alex the AdventurerAlex the Adventurer
    Make your way through the dark rainy night on the quest to find your lost marbles. Common sense and a little luck with guide you through.
  • Alien AbductionAlien Abduction
    Get items from Earth back into the mothership without getting your ship destroyed! Collect the required number of creatures to move on!
  • Alien CraftAlien Craft
    You are the only hope for all Earth citizens! Your brave soldiers and powerful tanks are waiting for your commands to smash those evildoers!
  • Alien HatcheryAlien Hatchery
    Match three or more eggs up in a row and hatch the little aliens. But don't let them stack up too high or the eggs will break!
  • All In 15All In 15
    Try to clear the board before time runs up, but there's a catch. You can only clear 15 points at a time!
  • Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle
    Oh no! You're going to be boiled alive unless you can make words out of scrambled letters. Race to create words to keep from being eaten!
  • AlphabreakicalAlphabreakical
    Break your way through the alphabet in this classic arcade game! Aim for the star block for extra points! See how far you can get, we got to I!
  • AlpineAlpine
    Put on some warm cloths, wax your skies, and get ready for some great downhill skiing. There are several runs to pick from and a high score list!
  • Amazing NimAmazing Nim
    Play against the computer, or your friends. Either way its challenging, and fun. With multiple games you can play over and over again!
  • Amazons SolitaireAmazons Solitaire
    Take this quick and fun solitaire game for a spin, end with all the queens showing to win.
  • Ambient ParadeAmbient Parade
    Fly around destroying the same colored targets to rack up big points while trying to avoid the rotating walls.
  • Ancient ColumnsAncient Columns
    Uncover ancient secrets in this fun puzzler! Arrange columns so that blocks of the same color are in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal groups!
  • Apple DefenderApple Defender
    Save your apple-trees from those awful, hungry worms! Build turrets to defend your trees and keep the worms at bay!
  • Aqua BotsAqua Bots
    Navigate the Aqua Bots through treacherous waters! Shoot mines out of the way, but be careful, you're controlling two at once!
  • AqunoAquno
    Ever played a classic card game underwater? Well here's your chance! Try to get rid of your cards before your opponent does!
  • Arcane The Armor CollectorArcane The Armor Collector
    Follow Arcane on his journey through gladiator school, then go out and fight battles! Win battles to earn money to buy better armor and weaponry!
  • ArcanistsArcanists
    Battle dragons, and other creatures in this test of cunning, skill and determination! Rise to the top, become the greatest Arcanist of all time!
  • Area Flat2Area Flat2
    This is a great shooter, the game play is real busy and the stages only get better with time. It has a high score list too.
  • Armed With WingsArmed With Wings
    Take your trusted eagle with you to destroy the enemy as you reclaim lost lands solving puzzles in this action packed platformer.
  • Armoured AssaultArmoured Assault
    Protect yourself from enemy trucks and tanks in this Armoured Assault! As the game progresses, so does your arsenal!
  • Around the World in 80 DaysAround the World in 80 Days
    Travel back to Victorian times and get ready for spectacular adventures in this great looking match 3 game!
  • Art of War: El-AlameinArt of War: El-Alamein
    Defend your car from nazi enemies as you race across the desert to warn your allies of an impending attack! Can you make it to El-Alamein alive?
  • As3teroidsAs3teroids
    Blast those pesky cubes with vengeance as you make your way through the levels of this classic shooter reborn.
  • Ascendant StormAscendant Storm
    Try to stay alive as you rough-it in this RPG where you take control of a party of scavengers in a rich sci-fi world exploring a world of danger.
  • Asteroid AdventureAsteroid Adventure
    Fire up your engines for this old school remake. Blast the space rocks and get sweet power ups! This game is nice and clean come give it a spin.