• Wizard RunWizard Run
    Take control of Alice the Apprentice as she battles through six exciting worlds. Free the master from the clutches of the evil Harpy King.

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Asteroid's Revenge EnhancedAsteroid's Revenge Enhanced
    Take back space! Fight as an asteroid to defend yourself against invading ships! Destroy the ships before they destroy you!
  • Wicky WooWicky Woo
    This game is as fun as its name. With great game controls and graphics Wickywoo is one of the best games on the web! Try it out!
  • Wicky Woo 2Wicky Woo 2
    This is a must play! Bringing that old mario fun in a new twist, right to your computer!
  • Wicky Woo in LavalandWicky Woo in Lavaland
    Wicky Woo is back in this exciting adventure into the depths of Lavaland! Find lava-monsters, fireballs, and burning trees! Beat bosses to win!

additional favorite games

  • Vengeance RiderVengeance Rider
    This city never sleeps, nor do its gangs. The skull riders are by far the most dangerous. Now it's time to pick them off one by one!
  • VortexVortex
    Travel through the maze and make it to the Vortex! The power-down will shrink you, but the dark spot will make you big again!
  • WebbliRacersWebbliRacers
    Pick your car, customize it, and race around the track! Collect coins as you go, around the various tracks and try to win the race!